Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.Ed.


Bad things happen to people every day. Sometimes the best plan against theft or bodily offenses is awareness. Being aware of your surroundings is crucial to your safely. Some may even suggest that distractions prevent us from noticing the little things. The little things we notice add up to big mistakes. Sometimes we are going about our normal daily routine and get caught up in our own world and we fail to notice odd behaviors. We failed to recognize the most obvious signs of danger.

It was very obvious to me that we all need better security. When my friend Steve Teachout, Director of Oceans 10 security shared a video of his new product called “Tsunami” with me, I was extremely impressed.

     I wanted to let more people know about this amazing security system. Tsunami is a cutting-edge 360 nonstop 24 hours a day security system. It runs circles around the traditional security cameras that we know of today. See for yourself!

After learning about the scope of this product, I wanted to contribute. Here is how you can do the same!


Now that you know, get out there and go!

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Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d.