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April 2019

Disgrace at a Graceless Preparatory Institution: A Warning to Parents/Educators.

via Disgrace at a Graceless Preparatory Institution: A Warning to Parents/Educators.


Disgrace at a Graceless Preparatory Institution: A Warning to Parents/Educators.

Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d., M.S.Ed.

One would probably think that when parents invest in their child’s education and place their child in a private preparatory school that they are giving their child the best advantage to succeed. That idea may not be exactly true and is allegedly not true for a

Christian preparatory institution in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Let’s just say it is a disadvantage and it is a disgrace at this graceless preparatory institution.

Parents and teachers should be aware that all private institutions are not created equal or run to the best standards. Many of the educational resources and services are being denied due to lack of knowledge of their existence. Parents need to do their research to ensure their child’s special needs are being met. Students may avoid state testing yet they are not getting the education they need due to lack of monitoring and understanding by the administration. In institutions like these, many educators are pulling resources from everywhere to fill in the empty gaps that the institution doesn’t know how to provide. In institutions as this, the administration is often not aware of what’s needed to run a successful school.

The truth is that at some institutions their mission statement is the exact opposite of what they produce, and it is further from the truth. A less than scholarly institution operates within a culture of fear, bias and within a strong lack of professionalism. The teacher culture of some institutions should be student goals. A scholarly institution allows for teacher planning and providing resources for professional development. A less than scholarly institution has no synergy and has more administration than educators due to negative retention results. A less than scholarly institution doesn’t respect staff, policies and is reflected in their teacher retention record.

Some would suggest that business-minded individuals lack the compassion that is needed to see various gray areas as they only see the bottom line or black and white. Profit should not be the mean, the students are the mean. The business of education can be successful when there is administration onboard that have education experience. Parents/Teacher’s need to avoid the following institutions that have the following conditions.

Avoid these graceless institutions if:

  • The teachers work 40 hours a week and the institution doesn’t provide them health insurance.
  • The teachers work during lunch because the institution says they don’t have anyone to cover lunch shift.
  • The teachers don’t get two 15-minute breaks.Image result for stressed teacher
  • The teachers don’t have a planning period.
  • The janitors very rarely clean your classroom.
  • Parents pay for a curriculum that is not provided.
  • No current or unused books administered.
  • No special needs department.
  • No behavior management protocol.
  • The air-condition is broken in classrooms and students are hot.
  • Overcrowded classrooms/ students sitting on the floor.
  • Dual teaching consists of 1 teacher and 55 students.
  • No coverage for classes when absent.
  • Policies are not followed, paid sick days, late checks.
  • No money in the budget for activities and or field trips.
  • No money in the budget for performance showcases.
  • Students transmit a stomach virus to teachers due to no soap in bathrooms.
  • No tissue in bathrooms on the primary level.
  • Administration lacks an understanding of what an I.E.P. is.
  • The Internet is not reliable.
  • School practices don’t mirror the mission statement.
  • Printers are broken for 6 months as administration refused to purchase toner.
  • No teacher bathroom breaks.
  • Expired food license.
  • Planning days are aka administrative yelling days.
  • Admin meetings are prevalent but the email after the meeting is computer courage.
  • Students don’t regularly get Art, Music, P.E. which is important for student development.
  • Primary level doesn’t get specials Art, music, P.E.
  • The principal is rarely on campus.
  • The principal phone mailbox is full and doesn’t respond to the parent’s needs.
  • Lack of clear consistency communication between administration and teachers.

Overall, parents beware of false advertising. Parents really need to

volunteer at an institution prior to student enrollment to see what is going on in that institution so that they are informed. Administrators need to be aware of educational needs, respect the process and their teachers and provide basic resources so success can occur.

Now that you know, get out there and go!

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Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d., M.S.Ed.

Teacher Tips: 10 way’s To Save Money as a Teacher.


Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d., M.S.Ed.

Educator’s often spend lots of undocumented funds on their classrooms and for their individual students. Some educators can tax deduct one’s purchases throughout the year while others aren’t aware or are too busy to do so. This article is a suggested list that is done in hopes to enhance one’s knowledge of extra ways one can save money throughout the year.  Here are 10 ways on how to save money throughout the year as an educator.

  1. Free TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS items link: Teachers pay teachers is a site where resources are created by teachers that make one’s life easier for all grade levels for a minimal fee. The link below is a resource for all the free items teachers pay teachers has.            Image result for teacher discounts
  2. Printable Resources-Mr. Don’s Free items for Teachers k-12 Printer Friendly.
  1.  Decorative Pencils-Inexpensive class set of pencils (Wholesale)
  2. Pencil Sharpener- Smart School Pencil (Worth the investment) I have owned mine for 3 years!  Saves you money in the long run!                                  
  3. Michaels 50% Printable coupon  http://get.couponliz.comc/new698/?t202kw=%2Bmichaels%20%2Bcoupons&c1=new698&c2={adposition}&c3=s&c4=ifs&msclkid=09eb88e41d9d10699320d449e0779f1e               Michaels 15% off of entire purchase with proof of teacher id–create-for-your-classroom/article-teachers.html
  1. Office Depot Teacher Discount:;jsessionid=0000ERmKRj8Y1VwAAg3gzgM51Br:17h4h7dc6    .
  2.  Seek Donations: Reach out to online school charities Several online school charities are available to help match educator requests with potential donors. For instance, org serves K-12 schools in all 50 states. Teachers post the specific supplies they need — pens, paper and art materials; violins for a recital; microscopes for a biology class — and then donors can pick the request they’d like to assist. Seventy percent of the requests on are successfully funded. has a similar mission with a slightly different twist. It connects donors to specific classrooms, teachers or schools. Currently, over 200,000 teachers are registered.
  3. Coffee: make your own coffee and take it in a travel mug to work.
  4. Packed lunch: paImage result for saving moneyck your lunch to save money on buying lunch out.
  5. Buy in Bulk– Utilize Costco, Sam’s Club, and all other bulk store options.

Now that you know, get out there and go!

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Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d., M.S.Ed.


Raw is the New Clean: Just Ask Raw Source Kitchen!

Image may contain: text

Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d., M.S.Ed.

SAMM COOPER: What inspired Raw Source Kitchen? 

RAW SOURCE KITCHEN: Raw Source Kitchen was inspired by Raw Source, a company that I created in 2016. Before that, everyone knew me as The Real Juice Masta on Instagram where I would post all my juice creations before I ever thought about owning a company. 32-WLS_3289.jpg

SAMM COOPER: Where can we purchase your products?

RAW SOURCE KITCHEN: Our products can be purchased online at
SAMM COOPER: What’s your latest flavor or item that people love from Raw source kitchen and how much is it? What are your price points?

RAW SOURCE KITCHEN: One of our latest products is our Fast program. When someone purchases a 4-day fast, for example, it comes with enough juice to conduct a 4 day fast along with infused water and a food guide that helps each person on the fast navigate their food choices. Our Fasts start at about $30 and increase based on the length of the fast. In general our products range from $13-$220 

SAMM COOPER : What should raw juice lovers leave with after tasting your juices and or watching your shows?
53857921_2581058941966324_5016871940346871808_n.pngRAW SOURCE KITCHEN: Raw Juice lovers and even those who have just been introduced to Raw Juice will leave feeling invigorated and empowered. Each Raw Juice recipe is formulated to provide a boost in nutrients that takes effect immediately. Anyone watching our educational videos will walk away with a deeper awareness of their body and how what they consume either shortens or lengthens their lifespan.

SAMM COOPER: Who is your intended audience? What types of people would you say your juices are for?

RAW SOURCE KITCHEN: Our juices are intended for anyone looking to live a long and active life. Our juices are for anyone who is interested in becoming more proactive about cultivating and maintaining wellness. Image may contain: plant

SAMM COOPER: Why did you decide to come up with raw source and recently raw source kitchen with the world now?
Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, beard, hat and outdoor

RAW SOURCE KITCHEN: Raw Source was my entry into the business world. At the time I knew that my juices could assist people along their life journey but I was not always sure of exactly how.

The formation of Raw Source Kitchen has expanded our capabilities by carrying the load of producing products that promote wellness while Raw Source can remain focused on educating and empowering the masses in self-healing.

SAMM COOPER: When is your next event?

RAW SOURCE KITCHEN: Our next event is April 17, 2019 in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Visit our page on FB or Insta for more information.

SAMM COOPER: What stores are you working on getting your products in?

RAW SOURCE KITCHEN: Right now our focus is building up our online store In the future we hope to feature our products in holistic clinics and centers.

SAMM COOPER : How can people reach you on on social media? What forms of payment do you accept (cashapp, PayPal,venmo)?

RAW SOURCE KITCHEN: We accept card payments through our website
Facebook: Raw Source
Instagram: Theerawsource
SAMM COOPER: Thanks for being a guest on living loving Lauderdale!

Now that you know, get out there and go!

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Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d., M.S.Ed.

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