Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d., M.S.Ed.


SAMM COOPER: Who is Stephanie Burch?28577721_568923110152504_2812177247904861316_n

Stephanie Burch is a 4th generation minister, cut from another cloth. She has 20+ years of experience in Business Administration and Consulting with a passion for economic development and empowering individuals who have become hopeless from life’s tribulations. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who believes that her first ministry is home.

SAMM COOPER: Is this your first publication? 

STEPHANIE BURCH:  Yes, “Unveiling Truths” is my first publication and I’m excited to share it with the world.

SAMM COOPER: What should readers leave with after completion of your book?

STEPHANIE BURCH: They should leave with a renewed mindset that in all things there is light on the other side of it and use their past as a mechanism to be better and not bitter.

SAMM COOPER: Who is your intended audience?

STEPHANIE BURCH: The book is for both male and female who are going through various trials or those who are currently stuck in a place within and have become complacent.

SAMM COOPER: Why did you decide to share this work with the world now?

STEPHANIE BURCH: As a minister and counselor I believe it is important to not only share experiences but revelations and wisdom as it is given by God.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the picture when you are in the frame.


SAMM COOPER: What is the motivation for the need for some of the concepts in the book?

STEPHANIE BURCH: The motivation for the need is for independent growth and progress. It’s about evolving from one level of you to the next. To understand that there is more of you that meets the eye.

SAMM COOPER:  Do you have any upcoming book signing events coming up?

STEPHANIE BURCH: Yes, I will be having my first “Unveiling Truths” Book Signing at The Healing Place, located at 9661 W Sample Road, Coral Springs Florida, 33065 on Saturday March 31st at 5:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served.   It will be an evening of empowerment and fellowship.

SAMM COOPER: How much is Your book and where can we purchase it?

STEPHANIE BURCH: Unveiling Truths is only $17.99. You can purchase the book via $Cash APP (UnveilingTruths8– be sure to write your first & last name & email address) or available via PayPal my information is (http://paypal.me/UnveilingTruths8  simply Click the Link.

SAMM COOPER: Thank you so much for being a guest on Living Loving Lauderdale. Our Interview is complete but how can people continue to follow you on social media?28782781_568915616819920_2721595300925877009_n

STEPHANIE BURCH: Thank you so much for having me. For now people can like and follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnveilingTruths8/     For more information on booking me to speak at your location Contact PR. Niesha Burch at 561-360-6143 or email us at Unveilingtruths8@gmail.com

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Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d., M.S.Ed.