Written by Samantha Cooper, M.Ed, M.S.Ed.


As an educator I recently attended a skill development training seminar and while there the facilitators mentioned that to reach your students one must change one’s stagnant mindset.  I realized that this can be applied to weight-loss and bodybuilding goals as well.

Overall, what I took from this is the way we think can dictate our day and our success rate. I have heard this so many times, but I embraced it during that seminar. It made sense and it has proven to be completely accurate.

After the Thanksgiving feast and disappointment of continuous weight gain one may realize that something must be done, or this weight cannot stay here.


Surgery and or weight loss temporary shots may not be an option.  It’s truly important to know what formula for your own success consist of and what your best options are.

I know that in the past my formula for success is eating chicken and veggies and less rice, less dairy, less unhealthy snacks and more fat burning activities along with weekly tracking of weight and body fat.

Before I start I must get my mind right. The why, the for whom and how long needs to come into a clear understanding for me physically to be on board.  So, get your mind right!

It all starts with how we think. Believing is what makes it work. Manifesting and acting on that belief is what gets the results. It is true that if you believe it, you can achieve it with hard work.

My Journey is a work in progress and the mini results thus far are inspiring.  My weight goes up and down and when it goes up it’s because I have abandoned the formula for success and have stopped physically acting on the belief that it works.

So, I say to you and to my future self. Keep believing and doing what you need to do to be a better you.  Because every effort has a result so make it a good one! Onward!

 Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.Ed., M.S. Ed.

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Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.Ed., M.S.Ed.