Written by Samantha Cooper, M.Ed, M.S.Ed.


I love fun and authentic styled earrings and while avoiding a very important test I should be preparing for I had a thought that I wanted to try. We all know that you won’t truly know if you will succeed unless you actually try to achieve it. I crafted these awesome cycling earrings! They were so much fun to craft.

I’m a cyclist and I always attend bike fest like cyclefest, 4g , E100, Piggy’s Revenge, Fat Tire Fest at Santos and Alifia. Many of these events have really cool bike swag and crafts. I think my crafts would be perfect there as it would be something I would buy if it wasn’t mine. The great thing about creating is that if no one buys my pieces I get to rock it!

Here are 10 reasons why YOU should buy my cycling inspired bottle cap earrings.


1. They are so cute.

2. They go with your favorite pair of your best jeans.

3. You get to express you passion for cycling via your style.

4. They are a perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite cyclista .

5. There is a perfect pair for roadie,MTB, gravel and Fixie riders.

6. Buying a pair is cheaper than some bike services.

7. My earrings are lighter than your bike!

8. You get to put visual bike magic on your face.

9. It’s a perfect price point! Cha ching so get two pairs.

10. It’s my birthday gift that you get to keep! Scorpio!!

Hey, I have to get back to my goals so get a pair. Share a picture of how you rock it with hashtag on instagram #sammcooperart as I would love to know!


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