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Written by Samantha C. Coleman, M.Ed., M.S.Elm.



_fpfbhvpfDt33cibjdAYKH20Mmi1rKwgdFYwIMh-2pI-1536x2048   My friends and family see the pictures of my bike excursions. They see the aftermath of an epic ride that only showcases the smiles and the thumbs up.  I used to think I only ride for the pictures and to catch a good shot of my awesome bike leaning on a nice background to share with the world.  That was the number one thing, I had 900 selfie pictures of my bike and I.  It’s not why I ride. I don’t ride my bike for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snap-chat.

I have been to many places and I can’t share them all and it’s not what I would like to keep up with. I ride for me and It’s all about “me” when I’m on those endurance rides.  I ride because my bike offers self-reflection and inspires my self-motivation. I ride because when it is hard I can I always find something harder to compare it too to get me through a ride.  I ride because slowing down doesn’t make the mosquito’s stop biting me any faster. I ride because there are no short cuts that involve not getting eaten by alligators.  I ride because life is all about the journey and the destination is temporary.  I ride because it is my social and my private time.

I ride because I enjoy the torture, the challenge and the result of hard work. The adrenalin of a drop or the sadness of being dropped and coming back stronger.  I ride because I am addicted to endurance challenges. I ride solo, group, MTB, Gravel and Urban style and I do it with a smile unless there is a hill or bridge to climb.

I ride because I ENJOY it.  Why do you ride?

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Samantha L. Cooper, M.Ed., M.S.Ed.