Written By Samantha L. Cooper, M.Ed.


Hey Art lovers! Thanks for being a part of the Designs by SC Family. In my absence I have been creating and shredding the MTB Trails, riding road rides and gravel endurance races and creating.

My love for life and cycling runs pretty deep. Check out the Miami Bike Scene Hyperlink that will keep you informed with all of the rides in your area. It’s only normal that my new collection is inspired by cycling. I introduce to you my first edition of an official apparel line called the “Spoke Life Collection”.

My designs are embedded with bike abstracts that inspire thought. Spokes are part of a bike tire that provide support for a tire. Some cyclist around the world are always pretty helpful and supportive on rides.

     South Florida’s Cycling community is super supportive. “Spoke Life” in my opinion is having fun with your friends who are supportive when you get a flat or simple say “hey get on your bike”. Spoke life is all about focusing on improving you and enjoying the journey! Be in the know.

     Get yours as soon as possible. I will be posting my first spoke Life abstract t shirt on my Shop at Http://sammcooper.com in few days. I have a limited edition of women’s fitted 30 shirts.S,M,L,XL, (US SIZES) (Awesome cut). Get yours when it drops! Every edition will be slightly different. Here is a sneak peak! Price-$19.99Spoke Life Design by SC 2016.jpg

As always be sure to check out MASS District Artwalk

The MASS District Art-walk occurs alongside the FAT  Village Arts District & Flagler Art-walk events.  Come hungry as food trucks will be parked near each event. o check out their event page for details about the event!

For more information check out the Mass District Facebook or

Contact Ed Burnette Executive Director of M.A.S.S. Email: create@massdistrictco

Phone: 954-866-3890

Now that you know, get out there and go!

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Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d.