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September 2015


Written By Samantha L. Cooper, M.Ed.

As an artist in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida the connections one makes are a lifeline. In South Florida the grass roots efforts make a difference in ones success. Ed Burnette is part of a board that provides those clear go to points that allows an artist access and awareness to events. As the Executive Director on MASS District Board he along with board members help merge community beautification through art awareness. Not only is he an advocate of the arts but an active participant. On September 26th at 6 pm during Mass District Art-walk he will be hosting his first solo show called “Amor” Click here for event details.  Join me on my one on one Q & A style interview with Ed Burnette. 


SAMM COOPER: Why should people in Broward support the arts now more than ever?

ED BURNETTE Executive Director MASS District

ED BURNETTE: The reason people should support the arts is because the arts are changing not only the the look of neighborhoods but the arts/artist are taking drugs and crime infested neighborhoods and giving them value by pushing out the bad elements.

Take MASS as an example just 2 years ago it was a dope spot. Prostitutes used to hang out on our corners, now their gone! Property values have gone up in our neighborhoods and the overall quality of living is better all due to the arts. So in short supporting the arts supports positive change in our growing city and county.

SAMM COOPER: Why is now the perfect time in Broward to showcase your solo art show called “Amor”?

ED BURNETTE: Now is a perfect time because I have been very active in the arts in soflo over the last year via #MASS Usually I’m promoting Mass other artist and other businesses. But this time I figured I would reintroduce myself to the public as a visual artist especially while I have everyone’s attention. It’s also an emotional time for me because I really didn’t know why I was in South Florida I was wanting to leave but my gut feeling was to stay.

When we created MASS and I found myself in the middle of one of the coolest strongest and positive art movements, I knew why I was supposed to be here. It made sense, I didn’t study art, I didn’t I plan on being an artist or even executive director of an art district. All of my past experience in business and life all culminating for this moment in time.

It just feels right and I’m very grateful that the universe chose me to be one of the driving forces behind Mass, as it is revitalizing our neighborhood its growing and will also be around long after I’m gone and that just puts tears in my eyes!

SAMM COOPER: I noticed you have a nickname of “Burnizee” and you sign your artwork with that name. What is the significance of the name “Burnizee”? 

ED BURNETTE:  The manifestation of a “Burnizee” is a really cool story. I ran a sales company for a long while and I had a team of people selling art reproductions for me. But since my suppliers were not supplying me with the kind of art that I needed for South Florida, I decided to create it. I created bright abstracts and my sales team would alert me every time one was sold with a text. The text would say, “Hey man I just sold all the Burnizee’s to one guy!”.  The name Burnizee Is a take on my last name Burnette, like if I were to call you Coops or Cooperilla! 

SAMM COOPER: What is your number one inspiration when creating your Burnizee’s?

ED BURNETTE: My main inspiration when creating my art is decor. I love walking into buildings and offices or homes that have really awesome art. When I’m creating a piece I’m imagining the environment that it would be in. What space it would look best in and I go from there. Usually, I know what colors I’m going to use but each design is usually an experiment.

SAMM COOPER:  When people check out the “Amor” Art Show what is one thing that should be left on their minds?

ED BURNETTE: I just want people to know that even though its an art show. The art is just a reason for us to come together to share this moment. As humans we all search for love of some sort, but in 2008 I looked in the mirror and realized that everything I was ever looking for was right in front of me. 

So I set out on a quest, a journey to become the best me I could ever be. My journey has allowed me to have many great moments, and I have received lots of love from a lots of people, to many to count. But I have sacrificed a great deal to do so! But if you asked me why, why do you do what you do? Its simple, “Love”! I learned from a few wise men, that in order to be truly successful you must help others be successful.

To help someone do well or push them in the right direction and know that you had something to do with it in some way shape or form, truly makes me happy! I absolutely LOVE that feeling, that’s something that no one can ever take from you!

SAMM COOPER: Thank-you for your time. Thank you for paying it forward in my journey! Where can we find you online?

ED BURNETTE:  You can find me here and thank-you Samm Cooper Burnizee Art Page  Art Attack Gallery   MASS DISTRICT ART WALK 

807 NE 4th Ave A
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Phone: 954.866.3890

Now that you know, get out there and go!

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Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d.


Art and About in Ft. Lauderdale(September) #MASSWORLDTOUR

Written By Samantha L. Cooper, M.Ed.

Do you know what time it is? It’s time to go on tour with Mass District during art-walk. Come join MASS District World Tour and meet all the various artist, check out the new artist galleries  and even find that special original craft. There is unity in diversity so be a part of the Broward artist movement and come check out art on a massive scale during M.A.S.S. (Music & Arts South of Sunrise) District Art-walk during this month’s #MASSWORLDTOUR themed event!

Mass District art-walk is a special event, but now more than ever. MASS Districts very own Executive Director Ed Burnette is showcasing his original artwork “burnizees”  at his solo show called “Amor”. If you are lucky you will leave with a “Burnizee”!   Ed Burnette is always showing love to artist and it is time to return that love. Ed Burnette’s show is located at the heart of MASS District: ART ATTACK GALLERY, 807 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304. Check the “Amor” show event page for more details.  Starts at 6 pm! CLICK HERE for a one on one interview with Ed Burnette.

Here are a few artist to be on the look out for and where their art is located during  #Massdistrict Art-walk:

The MASS District Art-walk occurs alongside the FAT  Village Arts District & Flagler Art-walk events.  Come hungry as food trucks will be parked near each event. Brunos Food Truck

 Click here to check out their event page for details about the event!

For more information check out the Mass District Facebook or

Contact Ed Burnette Executive Director of M.A.S.S. Email: create@massdistrictco

Phone: 954-866-3890

Now that you know, get out there and go!

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Written by Samantha L. Cooper, M.E.d.

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